How Are My Health Class and Resulting Life Insurance Rates Determined?

Each company uses their own criteria to determine which health class you belong to and your resulting rates. It is entirely possible for one person’s health class to rate as “Standard” with one company and “Preferred” with another. Some factors such as smoking can also have a direct impact on determining your health class.

In order to receive “Preferred” rates, you must be in excellent overall health and lead a healthy lifestyle. Each company determines limits on weight to height ratio, cholesterol, blood pressure, and any significant personal health issues. Family health history is also a factor used in qualifying for low preferred rates. You cannot use tobacco of any type. You must not have a history of alcohol abuse or drug use. You may not be involved in hazardous activities.

We recognize that there are many factors in determining your health class. To simplify this process IntelliQuote®’s online Quotes includes a Health Class Estimator. This unique feature is designed to help you better gauge your particular health class to qualify for the lowest rates possible.

At IntelliQuote we continuously update information on our highly rated companies to provide you with the most accurate health class information possible.

Medical Exam May Impact Rates Quoted

As part of the life insurance application process, all insurance companies require a simple Medical Exam prior to determining your actual health class and resulting rate. This determination may differ from the initial health class or rates you were quoted during the application process.

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