Where Can I Get Life Insurance for Smokers

Due to increased health risks, rates for smokers are higher than those for non-smokers. To qualify for non-smoker rates, most companies require that you be a non-smoker for at least one year. Some companies will even offer a special rate to healthy smokers who hope to stop smoking within one to four years. The individual agrees to re-qualification at the end of the period to maintain these low rates.

How does smoking Marijuana impact insurance coverage?

With some states now legalizing marijuana, usage will also be factored in when you apply for coverage. You will be asked if this is for medical purposes or recreational. For the most part, life insurance companies do not view marijuana use in the same context that they do use of more powerful illegal drugs. And as a general rule, the admitted use of marijuana will not result in an automatic rejection for coverage.
What will matter more than anything else at this point is the degree of usage. Each insurance company will have their own underwriting guidelines so it is important to have your agent shop multiple companies on your behalf. Be upfront with your usage so that your agent can find companies that allow marijuana use.

In many cases, companies view other tobacco products (cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco) with the same rating as cigarettes. However, several companies allow pipe, cigar, and chewing tobacco users to qualify as non-smokers depending on the frequency of use.