How Can I Be Sure I Am Purchasing Life Insurance From A Good Company?

Finding Reputable Life Insurance Companies

All reputable insurance companies are rated by independent financial rating services such as A. M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, and Moody’s. Insurance companies are evaluated on their overall financial strength and liquidity, and are assigned a rating such as A, A+, B, or C. Each rating service maintains their own unique parameters and rating system.

IntelliQuote® carefully monitors the financial strength of each company we quote and represent. We require that each company has a rating of A-, A, A+, or A++ by A. M. Best, the nation’s leading independent evaluator of insurance companies since 1899.

Characteristics of Top Life Insurance Companies

We have found that the ease of obtaining a life insurance policy, the price, selecting an insurance company you recognize, and financial strength are important factors to consider when selecting an insurance company. Based upon these criteria, IntelliQuote was the first life insurance marketplace to offer the Customer Placement Rating system to help provide an additional measure for how other customers, like you, purchase life insurance.

Recommendations From Friends

When discussing ratings with our clients we’re often asked if they should choose a life insurance company based on a family or friend recommendation. If the insurer does not receive a high insurance company rating from one of the rating companies mentioned above, you may want to discount the recommendation as the company may not be financially solid. If someone recommends an insurer it’s because they have had a positive experience dealing with that specific life insurance company. However, what recommendations don’t take into account is your personal situation and coverage needs. Life insurance premiums are very heavily influenced by the amount and length of coverage you need, your age, your existing health and family medical history. Your personal health may be very different from the friend or family member who recommended an insurer, which means although they have a great plan with affordable premiums, you could receive a very expensive quote from the same insurance company! In fact, even small lifestyle differences can make a huge difference in premium rate quotes between different insurers. A good example of this is someone who only smokes a few cigars per year, insurer A may base their premium quote on the tobacco user rating, where as insurer B may consider them a non tobacco user. This difference can cost the policyholder thousands of extra dollars over the life of the policy if they go with insurer A.

Finding The Best Priced Policy From A Highly Rated Life Insurance Company

The easiest way to find affordable coverage from a reliable life insurance company is to compare plan quotes from many of the best-rated life insurance companies. IntelliQuote offers an online quoting system that makes it quick and easy to compare quotes from the comfort of your home. We only work with the best life insurance companies so you can rest assured that you’re looking at coverage options from insurers you can count on. Use our online quote form to see plan quotes from both national and local insurance companies today!