Life Insurance Medical Exam

Preparing for a life insurance medical exam can feel overwhelming and stressful, but there is really nothing to be worried about. Knowing that there is no cost to you will help start the process off the right way. The purpose of the life insurance health exam is to establish a clear picture of your current health status and identify the risk of any future illnesses. Although there are policies available that do not require a medical examination, taking the exam can help you get the best possible rate on your insurance policy. A little preparation for your exam can help take the stress out of the process and ensure that you get accurate results.

How to Prepare for Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

Taking a planned and systematic approach to your medical exam is the best way to help you stay calm throughout the process. Here are tips to keep in mind when preparing for your medical exam:

Schedule your test based on your lifestyle

In general, the best time to schedule an exam is in the morning. However, you should always schedule your appointment during the least stressful time of the day for you as stress can negatively influence your test results. If a weekday exam is not convenient, you can arrange an appointment for Saturday or Sunday.

Wear comfortable clothing

Your life insurance health exam will consist of a few tests designed to both establish a picture of your current health and your chances of developing serious illnesses in the future. While you are not required to undress for the exam, but it is advisable to wear loose clothing both for your comfort and to make it easier to carry out blood and other tests. A short-sleeved garment or one with sleeves that quickly roll up is preferred.

Remember your ID

Do not forget your official driver license or another form of government issued ID. The medical examiner will need to confirm your identity in order to complete the exam.

Follow the fasting requirements

It is best to fast for at least 8 to 12 hours before your exam. You may drink water during the fast. In fact, a glass of water an hour or so before the exam is desired to make obtaining a urine specimen easier.

Avoid the following for a full 24 hours before your exam

Some items and activities can negatively influence your test results. Avoiding these activities or products can improve the results of your exam:

  • Avoid alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours prior to the exam.
  • Avoid coffee, soda, tea or other products with caffeine ideally for a full 24 hours before the exam but aim for at least 4-6 hours.
  • Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco for at least one hour prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Avoid nasal decongestants.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours before the exam.

Be prepared for your life insurance medical exam

Prepare in advance for questions regarding medical conditions, surgeries and any medications you are currently taking. Have handy the names and addresses of physicians and hospitals that have treated you recently and in the past. If you have any special requirements such a large blood pressure cuff, let the medical professional who is conducting the exam know prior to the appointment. Most importantly, get a good night’s rest before your medical exam so that you feel calm and prepared for your life insurance health exam.

The life insurance medical exam process

The life insurance health exam itself is nothing to worry about and is very much like the annual checkup you receive from your Primary Care Physician. To begin with, the medical professional will check your height, weight, blood pressure and other vital signs. In addition, they will take a blood specimen to check your cholesterol, liver function, pancreatic function, and other tests that help give a picture of your health. You will also be required to submit a urine sample. Depending on the type of policy you’re applying for, the amount of coverage you’re requesting, and your age, you may also undergo an EKG to evaluate your heart health. As part of the health exam, you’ll also need to answer some questions about your lifestyle habits such as your alcohol consumption habits, nicotine use, and exercise routines. The average exam will last between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the number and type of tests carried out.

Common Questions about the life insurance medical exam

At IntelliQuote® we’re frequently asked questions about what the medical exam entails. We’ve created a list of these common questions to help you understand the process.

Who Performs the Medical Exam?

Medical examinations are performed by licensed paramedical examiners in your area. They are usually independent contractors.

Where and When Will the Exam Take Place?

One of the insurance company’s approved and licensed paramedical examiners will call you to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. The medical exam may be performed in your home, office, or any other agreed upon the location that is convenient for you.

How Much Does the Medical Exam Cost and Who Pays for It?

There is no cost to you. The insurance company pays for the medical exam.

What is Included in the Medical Exam and How Long Will it Take?

A routine medical exam includes a review of your medical history, including the names of doctors you’ve seen, dates you saw them and any treatment recommended. A physical exam that includes height, weight, blood pressure, and a pulse count is conducted. You will be requested to provide a urine sample, and you will also have blood work done. Stress tests such as an EKG may be required to test your heart if you are 50 or older. The exam takes at the most, an average of 30 minutes to complete.

What Type of Medical History Will Be Asked?

The examiner will ask questions regarding medical conditions, surgeries, medications, or other previous treatments. The examiner will also ask the names and addresses of physicians and hospitals that have treated you. You may wish to collect this information in advance to save time during the exam.

What Happens with My Medical Exam Information?

All information obtained during the medical exam is strictly confidential and is sent to the insurance company as part of your application.

Will I Get a Copy of the Lab Test Results?

Yes. You can request a copy of the lab test results directly from the insurance company, or you may send a letter with your application. To request your results by letter, write to the insurance company asking for a copy of your lab test results on an 8.5 x 11 inch-sheet of paper. Include your name, address, the date and your signature.

Life insurance medical exams can help you get the best price for your policy

If you’re willing to undergo an insurance medical exam for either a whole life or term life policy you will have access to a much wider range of plans as many policies require an exam to qualify for coverage. Increased policy choice can help you find the best and most affordable policy for your needs. IntelliQuote gathers quotes from a range of the highest quality and best-rated insurers to help you understand your life insurance options and find a plan that gives you peace of mind. Use our online quote form today to find an affordable insurance plan to protect your family.